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dazzle the audience By displaying a model of a Thai-inspired fort that will be

Distinctive and attractive to Saudis who have an appreciation for Thai art and culture, which creates buzz and attracts a large crowd


confidence building and investment opportunities; The fair helps build mutual trust to stimulate business opportunitiesStrong investment, sourcing goods and services of exceptional quality from Thailand


interviewing potential buyers; This gives an opportunity to complete timely and efficient deals with clients with clients
The Saudi market, taking into account the expected high demand during the winter season


business support; By launching the largest business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-business marketplaceconsumer (B2C) in the Arab region, which will make Saudi Arabia the leader in the Middle East in distributing goods to all parts of the region

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Exhibition venue - Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center

To come up with the organizing company
Afkari Advertising Company

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